Why one chef's wasteful use of tinned tomatoes made me mad. And an Italian chef explains why you should never wash tinned tomatoes or chuck the juice…
Will Artificial Intelligence make food writers superfluous? How would Charles Dickens review McDonald's? And a recipe that channels Jamie Oliver.
I explore why some restaurants get all the critical love while others are wallflowers. And do we care about food critics anymore anyway?
A peek behind the scenes: a room full of love for the world's most ethical and delicious chocolate. Plus a recipe for a truly divine chocolate dessert.
Love it or hate it, more and more Instagrammers are filming themselves eating. I explain why they're doing it and what it's got to do with porn. Plus a…
Why do we love watching people eat on Instagram?Hello everyone, I’m thinking about writing a newsletter about Instagram reels and the trend for showing yourself eating on them. I want to under…
How I lost the will to write another cookbook (and then found it again). Plus a gorgeous garlic soup recipe.
I share my trip to the West Bank that was 'too political' for some media outlets, and a recipe that speaks of a bulldozed home, rebuilt.
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